2007 Woodrow website


mixed media installation, 2007

The Art Gallery of Nova Scotia Jan-Mar 2007, The Montreal Biennale May-July 2007, The Mendel Art Gallery-Sept 2007-Jan 2008
The Illingworth-Kerr Art Gallery in Calgary Jan-Mar 2008 , The Art Gallery of Greater Victoria Mar-May 2008, The Rooms Art Gallery in St. John's July-Sep 2008

When the tour is over, we return to the routine of our daily lives. Woodrow is a construct of the imagination worlds within worlds a fabulist construct that creates a portrait of the artist as it depicts the world of imagination and myth that sustains him. Patterson's Woodrow is tinged with sadness. Its theme of ghosts, especially as it refers to actual places and persons, can't help but serve as a memento mori, reminding us that we too shall fade. Yet it is also a world filled with humour and joy, with play and a sense of security. Why then is it in ruins? Ray Cronin, Art Gallery of Nova Scotia, 2007